PACE Los Angeles

Fresh new identity and website for an organization that helps Angelenos keep busy with employment.

PACE, the Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment is a large non-profit organization that seeks to create employment solutions for diverse communities in Los Angeles. PACE started in 1976 and grew to be recognized as a leader in addressing problems of poverty and economic inequity for minority communities. However, throughout their growth they never figured a distinct brand or character for themselves. Initially asking for just a website, we knew they had to develop their brand and identity from the ground up.

We developed a brand that is friendly and inviting. PACE's identity is about movement and growth. PACE is about creating and helping sustain employment. Contemporary typography and a fresh color palette is used to enforce the message. Illustrations and patterns give the identity life and character. Together the identity distinctly separated PACE from sites of other organizations and non-profits.

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*work done at Ramp Creative

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