Faan Brasserie

Redefining Contemporary Chinese American food for Downtown
Los Angeles.

Chef Christopher Lai asked us to create a new identity for his restaurant located in Downtown Los Angeles. His restaurant was a contemporary look towards Asian Cuisine. Starting from the beginning, we asked what defines Chef Lai? What does food mean to him, and what can his food mean to others? Chef Lai asked us to create a brand for his restaurant representative of himself.

Our solution was to create a brand that would center around Chef Lai’s background as an Asian-American. We went through an extensive market research and positioning process before developing Faan’s brand. Faan is positioned as a mid-priced restaurant, serving an interesting take on Asian-American fare. The meaning of Faan is literally “rice” in Mandarin, while in English Faan sounds like “fun”. The brand’s visuals are themed around the mixture and play between Euro-American and Asian aesthetics. The brand is based around an idea of sincerity. A sincerity of where Chef Lai came from, where he is at, and where he is going. It’s the sincerity of Chef Lai’s food.
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